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 (Vagina Steam) Treatment


The best kept secret of the traditional woman. Taking a scented smoke bath is a custom in the northern parts of Nigeria and also amongst Arab women. Indulge in this treatment for pleasure, cleanliness, and tightening of intimate areas.


*Basic Dukhaan                                            - N7,000

The smoke from special woods used for this treatment cleanses and tightens a woman.


*Sandal Wood Dukhaan                               -N11,000

Sandal Wood has an age-old reputation as an aphrodisiac; its dukhaan tightens and leaves you with the mystic fragrance of the magical wood.


* Dukhaan ADD ON : Ooh Lala balls      -N7,000

Add this for maximum benefit of Dukhaan smoke bath and more. This herb is known to improve elasticity and sensitivity to intimate areas.

*Seven Wonders Dukhan (Maximum Benefit)   -N12,500

This dukhan combines the the special woods for tightening and cleansing, the sandalwood to act as an aphrodisiac and the Oh La La balls to improve elasticity. 

Please Note: A 7.5% vat has added on each item

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