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Moroccan Hammam

A significant part of Moroccan culture, Hammam
bath is an age-old traditional cleansing ritual,
which is spread across the Middle-east. At THp
you can now experience this exfoliating body
scrub for beautiful glowing skin.

Basic Hammam                                               N32,600
The body is doused with warm water and a cleansing
soap, followed by a full body exfoliation using kessa

Traditional Hammam                               N35,800
The skin is cleansed using traditional Moroccan
soap followed by a unique polish using traditional
herbs like henna for a maximum exfoliation.

Souqla Hammam                                       N38,000
This lightening body scrub cleans, whitens and
softens the skin.

Luxury Royal Hammam (30mins massage) N45,000
This relaxing treatment begins by letting the
skin warm and moisten, so your pores can open.
The skin is now cleansed by the Hammam bath
followed by a 30mins massage, which helps to
relax the tired nerves and muscles while
enhancing the blood circulation of the body.

Note: Kassa Glove sold separately (please ask in
store for details)

Please Note: A 7.5% vat has been added on each item

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