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Face Masques


Baobab Face Mask                                   - N6,950

This face masque combats signs of ageing and replenishes dry skin. Designed for skin that needs that little bit more, the African baobab powder, which is rich in vitamins, brings back clarity, firmness and helps stimulate cell regeneration.


Rice Face Mask (Extreme Acne)                  -N11,600

This masque exfoliates your skin, adds moisture and brightens your skin tone. This is particularly good for acne prone skin. Its healing components will stimulate growth, cell renewal, and improve blood supply to the skin.


Traditional Facial                               -N11,000

This is a turmeric based facial and an excellent treatment to smoothen and renew the skin. This treatment will leave your face brighter and cleaner.

Clarifying Facial                               -N14,000

Our clarifying facial works to penetrate deep into your skin to remove all extra sebum and tighten your pores. it also calms your skin through its anti inflammatory properties. this facial will help clear the blemishes you have while preventing new ones from popping up.

Please Note: A 7.5% vat has been added on each item

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