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Body Scrubs

Dilke Scrub Session                                        -N23,000

Delight yourself in this traditional northern beauty secret which is a delicate but effective body polishing scrub. This treatment will leave your skin with brilliant shine and a velvety texture


Baobab and sugar scrub                                 -N26,000

African baobab sugar scrub is a natural treatment that rids your skin of dead cells, the crushed powder of the baobab is rich in vitamins, which nourishes and lightens your skin making it smoother and allows your everyday moisturizer penetrate deeper.


The Hennaplace Signature Scrub                  -N30,000

Feel your skin come alive as you exfoliate and cleanse in this body treatment. Henna is treasured for its astringent properties; it tightens pores, purifies and beautifies the skin. Our signature henna powder has the most amazing smell that will linger on your brighter and softer skin.

Aromatic Scrub                                             -N30,000

Delight yourself in an ancestral ritual inspired by a deeply rooted custom of body renewal. With a fascinating earthy scent and a brilliant refining recipe featuring zesty spices, you’ll awaken to a satin smooth skin and stimulating sense of energy.


Queen for a Day Dilke Scrub                         -N35,000

This scrub is the same one used for THP brides. This special dilke has all of the pleasures and secrets to perfume, clean and polish the skin. It is truly fit for queens

Please Note: A 7.5% vat has been added on each item

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